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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

If you want to live in a healthy environment, this carpet cleaning infographic will definitely help. Learn surprising facts and how to take proper care of your carpet at home.

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Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Here we outline the techniques we use to remove stains completely from your carpets, furniture and upholstery. Scroll down to see all information and find out all you need to know.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

The best thing regarding us and our Water Damage Restoration Antioch Company is that we are by your side when you need us the most.

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Best carpet cleaning services by the most experienced cleaners

Smart tips in keeping your carpet clean and in good order. Get rid of the dirt fast and easy.

Are you wondering how to take care of wool rugs and upholstery fabrics? If you want to find the best carpet cleaning solutions and effective stain removal methods, check out the following tips. You will love them because they offer great ideas and are easily followed. Take a look here below.

Dirty rug cleaning is easy now! Just follow these excellent tips and wave goodbye to all stains.

The importance of tile cleaning

Tiles are very strong and do not stain easily. Thus, tile cleaning will not take much of your time. You need to focus on grout cleaning since grout absorbs moisture and dirt. It is easy to deal with this problem. Specialists from Carpet Cleaning Antioch would suggest sealing them to make them resistant. This way, grout and tile floor cleaning will be completely fast and your health won't be compromised.

Rugs are demanding but easy

Oriental rugs need special care and you must follow special rug cleaning procedures to be sure their piles and colors won't be affected. They would also demand mild ecofriendly products and gentle movements with the vacuum but they are easy to handle mainly because they can be carried to different places. They can be lifted and placed to the balcony in case of water damage.

Test products before using them

Not all carpet and rug cleaning products are appropriate for all carpets and rugs. You should choose according to the type of fibers. Read the label at the back of your carpet/rug to find out whether it is made of synthetic or natural fibers. The best thing to do before carpet cleaning is to test the product you bought. Choose to test the product by using it at a hidden part of your carpet and make sure the colors don't fade out.

Do not use steel wool for scrubbing grout and tiles

This tool is too hard and can scratch the tile surface. As a result, the looks of the surface will be affected as dirt will accumulate in the miniature gaps. What's worse is that tiny pieces of steel can be embedded into both the grout and tile and eventually rust. Rust is a serious problem which is challenging to resolve.

Hair spray actually works to remove ink stains!

One of the oddest uses of hair spray is its ability to remove ink stains from rugs and carpets. Clear "strong-hold" formulas work best. Spray the stained area and allow the liquid to soak into the fabric. After about 30 to 40 minutes, use a cloth towel or sponge soaked in cold water to dab over the spot. Continue dabbing until all the spray and ink are removed. For more serious stains, call our expert stain-removing specialists for 100% guaranteed complete satisfaction.

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